Double strollers are convenient pieces of equipment which are built with high quality and sturdy materials. Most modern double strollers come pre-built with a variety of useful features and safety functions which provide protection for your children. If used properly, a double stroller is a very safe item to use.

Here are a few tips to ensure the safety of your children whilst using a double stroller:

1. Always Use the Brakes when Stationary

It’s very important to be prepared for anything unexpected, so using the brakes whenever the stroller is stationary can prevent it from rolling away. Even on level-ground the slightest knock can move the stroller which could cause it to roll away quietly. You should also remember to lock the brakes whenever you are moving your children in and out of the pushchair to prevent any potential accidents. Before leaving for a trip with your stroller, remember to check if the brakes are functioning.

If you want to be extra safe, then there are advanced double strollers which have automatic brakes whenever your hands are away from the handle, which ensures that the stroller won’t roll away.

2. Never Leave Your Children Unattended

Although this may be common sense, many parents do get distracted from their children for a variety of reasons. Children should never be left unattended whilst in a stroller and especially so when sleeping. It might be tempting to leave your children to sleep comfortably, but it’s very important to attend to your children whether they are asleep or awake to prevent any potential accidents or problems.

3. Don’t Overfill the Stroller with Items

Double strollers provide more room for storage as there are two seats, but you should avoid overloading the stroller to prevent instability. Although there are large storage spaces, it can fill up quite quickly especially if you are shopping.  Most modern double strollers offer a variety of pockets and bags for storing items but if you overfill them, you could end up tipping the stroller. These pushchairs can only carry so much before the wheels and brakes suffer damage which could prevent them from working correctly.

If you require a double stroller with a lot of storage space then you might want to take a look at Jeep Strollers. These pushchairs provide a lot of storage space and useful pockets.

 4. Always Use the Safety Harness

Every double stroller is built with some sort of safety harness to prevent your children from climbing or falling out. Most strollers use the 5-point safety harnesses which provide strong and rugged protection. You should always use the safety harnesses even though you may only be travelling for a short amount of time. For example, if the stroller tips over, your children will be protected because they are strapped into the seat.

Overall, the safety strap should be used whenever the children are in the stroller, regardless of their age.

5. Keep Your Children Away While Folding the Stroller

Before you fold up your double stroller, you should ensure that your children are away from the pushchair. There are certain parts of the stroller which will fold and lock together which could result in trapped fingers or other related injuries. Once you are sure that the double stroller has been fully locked and unfolded, you can then let your children onto the pushchair.

You should also have regular inspections of the double stroller to identify any possible hazards, such as broken parts or protruding edges. Broken parts could be sharp and potentially hazard to your children if left unattended.


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