A double stroller is an essential item which babies usually need from the start. Parents can benefit from using strollers as it provides great convenience with taking care of the children. Double stroller accessories can make your pushchair even more convenient. There is an abundance of great accessories which can be added onto double strollers to provide more functionality.

To get the most out of your double stroller, you should look around for the most accessories which can benefit your growing children and yourself. As your children grow older, their needs will change, which means that the stroller may not be as effective as when you first bought it. However, with stroller accessories, you can extend the use and the life of your pushchair by adding more functionality which supports your child.

With so many accessories on the market, it can be very difficult to make a decision on which equipment you need.

Here are the 5 essential double stroller accessories that every pushchair should have:

 1. Double Stroller Cover

Although adults can easily handle the sun, rain, wind and cold; babies and toddlers are still very young and need an extra layer of defence. Stroller covers can protect your children from the harsh weather which keeps your children comfortable. High quality covers can protect your children from the sun, rain, cold, snow and wind.

Different types and models of double strollers may need specific rain covers which fit them. For example, the B-AGILE from Britax uses its own rain cover which has been specifically designed for use with that stroller.

2. Organisers & Holders

Most double strollers do not come included with cup holders or organisers which can be very important pieces of equipment for parents who will be out and about a lot. With item holders and organisers, you can store all of your essentials and have quick access to them whenever you need them. You might also want to take a look at stroller pockets which provide additional storage space for double strollers.

The cup holder from Guzzie & Guss Universal Cup Holder provides a hands-free clip-on holder which is made from durable material to last you through years of use. This is a universal cup holder which means that it is designed to fit the majority of drinks with ease.

3. Snack Trays

Snack trays can be very useful for helping children with self-feeding whilst you are on the go. You can keep your children’s snacks and drinks in their reach with a snack holder. All snack trays and holders are very convenient as they are durable and very easy to clean.

There are double strollers which require certain snack trays to be used. For example, the popular “Baby Jogger City Mini” requires its own tailor-made snack trays for the stroller.

4. Infant Car Seats

Transporting your children from the pushchair and into the car is a very easy process when you use an infant seat. There are many full-sized strollers which use infant car seats. If you are a parent who drives often, then you can benefit from an infant car seat greatly. Modern infant seats are designed with the best safety features to ensure that your baby is safe during transport.

The Twin Roo Plus from JOOVY provides great ergonomics, manoeuvrability and a compact design.  This stroller has detachable infant car seats which can be attached onto car seats with an adapter.

5. Stroller Locks

Stroller locks can be a very important tool, especially when you have spent a good amount of a high quality double stroller. With a stroller lock, you can securely lock the pushchair and protect it from being stolen. If you are looking for something more secure, then there are advanced pushchair locks which require multi-digit pass codes.

The Little Life Stroller Lock is a very secure and reliable product which uses multi-digit pass codes. This product offers very good value for money as it is competitively priced at $11.

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