f you are a busy parent who is physically active, then you may not have the time to look after your children whilst exercising. This is when jogging double strollers can make things much easier for you. With double jogging strollers, you can achieve your fitness goals whilst spending time with your children. Although running without a jogging stroller can be easier, some parents may not always have that option.

Here are our 5 simple tips for the best experience when running with a jogging stroller:

 1. Plan out your journey

Before you begin your run with a double jogging stroller, you should plan out a quiet route which you can take. You should avoid hills, busy roads and uneven pavements as this can make your experience and your children’s experience less than desired.

There are times when the pavement may be bumpy which can make your run a lot harder. By planning out quiet roads, you can run in the road to avoid the bumpy terrain. But stay alert of your surroundings and make sure you give way to any passing cars.

Avoiding hills will be very beneficial as you will have a lot of resistance whilst running up a hill. Although there are lightweight double jogging strollers, it can still be quite hard to push both your children and the stroller up an incline.

 2. Prioritise Your Children’s Safety

When running with your children in a double stroller, you should always check up on them to see if they are content and safe. You should also check their buckles to see if they are still securely strapped. When you go for a run, you may want to include your local park in your journey to treat your children whilst you take a break. This can keep them content and you can spend more quality time together with them.

Double jogging strollers are designed with various safety features which will benefit you and your children. Make sure you take advantage of these features to avoid any possible problems. Jogging strollers tend to include safety wrist straps which can be highly beneficial when traversing down a hill. For example, if you lose control of the double stroller, you will still have the wrist strap to grab on to.

 3. The Appropriate Clothing

Before going out for a run, you should check the weather forecast and prepare in advance for any bad weather. Make sure that your children are appropriately dressed for the actual temperatures to prevent them from getting cold. You may also want to consider looking for double stroller covers as these rain covers can protect your children from the harsh weather. You should also try to avoid bringing blankets for your children when running. This is because the blanket may become loose and fall out, which could tangle your front wheels.

4. Find a Suitable Foundation

To get the best experience out of your runs with a double jogging stroller, you should consider finding the best posture, position and foundation for yourself. This can prevent any possibilities of tripping or losing control of the stroller.

Make sure that your elbow, shoulder and feet alignment are suitable for your jogging stroller to maintain control.

  • Your elbows should have a slight bend so the stroller is closer to you. This means you should be able to glide with the double stroller and not having to push it along.
  • Your shoulders should be kept open so you can grab the wide handle bar for more control.
  • Avoid turning your feet outwards as this can reduce stability. Keep your feet straight for the best running experience.

 5. Your Running Pace and Distance

You should run at the pace you feel confident at, as it can be quite difficult to maintain control of an occupied double stroller whilst running fast. If you are just starting to run with a jogging stroller, then begin slowly and gradually increase your pace as you get more confident and stable with the stroller.

Don’t plan to run long distances with a double jogging stroller as it can be very tiring and exhausting. You children may start to feel uncomfortable if you run for long distances.

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