How old should my baby be before I can jog or run with them?

If you are a parent, I know the kind of love you have for your child or children. No matter how young or old your kid is, it is quite difficult for you to survive without his presence around you. Despite growing older and matured, kids visit their parents to make sure they are always in touch with the ones who have given birth to them and have taught them every single thing in their life, including the meaning of fitness.

Talking of fitness, nothing can be better than taking your little angel for a nice morning jog or an evening run.

‘But how old should my baby be before I can jog or run with him?’ You ask.

The first thing that you need to decide is if you can handle the baby while he still dependent on you or doesn’t know how to walk. If you can carry him and jog, make sure he is at least six months old so that he knows how to control his head. Most of the babies start controlling their heads in as less as six months and hence, jogging while carrying them becomes easier. However, it is always suggested to hold his head gently while jogging so that he feels safe with you. Also, make sure he doesn’t cry while you are running, carrying him in your arms. Find out the speed at which he is comfortable and maintain it if he is in your arms.

Secondly, you can always buy a jog stroller to jog with your baby. Even if your baby is four months old, you can take him for a jog by allowing him to rest and enjoy the view in his stroller. Hold the stroller by one hand, keep pushing it as you jog or run with your baby. Most of the infants sleep when their parents jog this way with them because this is nothing but a wonderful ride that they enjoy the most.

Thirdly, if you want your kid to walk with you or be your jog buddy, make sure he is five years and above. Also, keep him hydrated and take proper breaks while running with him. Children have a splendid energy level, but that doesn’t mean they should run without intervals. Carry a bottle of water for him, whenever he agrees to be your jog buddy.

We recommend that you speak with your pediatrician before starting this activity. Every baby is different, but typically a doctor will recommend that a baby be 6 months old before you jog on smooth pavement, and 12 months old before jogging on trails, grass, gravel or uneven terrain.



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