Baby strollers are essential to a growing family as it provides assistance for parents with taking care of their children. Pushchairs have traditionally made the transportation of your children much easier as you don’t have to carry them all the time. Modern strollers also provide more convenience for parents as they are built with useful features and functions.

Double strollers can be very beneficial for busy parents who have two children and need to transport their children whilst getting on with their everyday activities. There are also triple strollers available for those with three babies or children. One of the greatest advantages of buying a double stroller is that you can spend quality time with your babies and children, wherever you go. The lightweight build of most double strollers allow you to experience the outdoors with your children effortlessly. Double strollers are light and easy to travel with.


There are numerous types and styles of baby strollers which provide different functionalities, so it can be difficult to choose the most suitable stroller. One of the most common types of stroller is the double stroller which accommodates up to two children. Ideal for parents who have one child but plan on having a second soon after, or those who have given birth to twins. There are also a wide variety of stroller accessories which fit strollers to further increase the convenience for parents.

Here is a small list of the different types of strollers:

  • Single Baby Strollers – Single strollers can accommodate one child and is the most common type of stroller. These strollers are small and light which makes it very easy to travel around with your child. Like all modern pushchairs, these can be folded, locked and stored away.
  • Double Baby Strollers – Double strollers offer accommodation for up to two children. There are also a wide variety of useful additional accessories, such as stroller covers, travel bags and car seat adapters. These strollers also have the ability to be folded up to be used on public transport or for storage.
  • Triple Baby Strollers – Triple strollers offer accommodation for up to three children. These strollers are significantly wider, which can make it more difficult to manoeuvre around. However, there are tandem strollers which make it easier to travel with.


We have reviewed an extensive range of strollers from big brands, such as InStep and Baby Trend. These brands are known to provide quality and reliable strollers which will last a long time. Our reviewed products include single, double and triple strollers as well as covering the variety of accessories and features. If you need help with deciding on the best baby stroller, then take a look at our stroller reviews.

Take advantage of our honest reviews to compare and find the best stroller for your child.

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Peg Perego Book for Two Baby Stroller

Baby Trend Navigator Double Jogger Travel System

Britax 2016 B-Agile Double Stroller

BeBeLove USA Triple Jogging Stroller



Every parent has different needs, which is why there are several types of baby strollers. Busy parents with children to care for may find it difficult to travel around without a stroller, which is why they are considered to be essential items.

Baby strollers offer convenience and comfort for your child. By taking your child off your shoulders, you can get on with your daily activities whilst knowing that your child is safe and comfortable. As children grow older, it can become harder to carry them around with you, which is why a stroller can be beneficial. If you’re a busy parent and don’t have enough time to spend with your children, then buying a pushchair can help. You can spend quality time with your child and experience the outdoors together whilst carrying on with your regular routine.

Here are the three main benefits of buying a baby stroller:

  • More Convenience and Comfort
  • Great Method of Transportation for your Child
  • Very Durable and Strong

There are a wide variety of great baby strollers at affordable prices, which means that whatever your budget is, there is a suitable stroller for you.


When buying a baby stroller, it’s important to consider which type and style will benefit your child and yourself the most. For example, if you have multiple children then a double or triple stroller will be more beneficial to you than buying multiple single strollers.

Here are a few more factors which you should consider when choosing a stroller:

  • Budget – There is an extensive range of single, double and triple strollers on the market. You should plan out a budget before exploring the limitless choices, in order to get the best deals for your money.
  • Safety – Safety should be a top priority when picking out a suitable stroller. Although all strollers should have good safety and security, you’ll want to identify all the safety features you require to keep your children safe and secure.
  • Functionality & Use – You should identify which type and style of baby stroller you require. For example, if you have multiple children then you should look for a double or triple stroller. If you need to travel around a lot and need accommodation for your children, then you might want to consider a tandem double stroller as these are better for manoeuvrability.
  • Size & Weight – If you need to travel a lot with a stroller, then you might want to consider looking for lightweight and compact strollers. These are built with lighter materials to reduce the weight, but they also keep the same amount of security.

 If you are still undecided on which baby stroller you should choose for your child; then read our baby stroller reviews.