Review of Baby Trend Sit N Stand Double by Sharon



I have a 2 1/2 year old and a 2 month old, so I needed to upgrade to a double stroller. After a lot of research, I decided to go with this one. The jump seat in the back seemed like a great option for my daughter, but I realized that the standard sit n stand strollers wouldn’t be ideal since she wouldn’t be able to take a nap on long walks. This is perfect!!! She rides in the front for walks (but will be too tall for the front seat pretty soon), while the baby rides in the back seat since it reclines farther back than the front. Otherwise, I use the carseat to put the baby in the front & she rides either on the jumpseat or the backseat (depending where we are & what we’re doing). They say that Baby Trend carseats fit on the stroller, but I have a Graco Snugride carseat that fits perfectly in the front (it is too big for the back seat though).

I was impressed with how sturdy & well built this stroller is (some I looked at seemed rather cheaply constructed). It seems like it will last a LONG time!! Another thing that really impressed me was how smoothly this stroller guided along as I pushed it & how easily I could turn/maneuver it. I was worried about pushing one this big around, since some of the small ones I’ve used don’t even seem to turn very easily…VERY HAPPY to find this one could be operated so easily!

I love that both kids have snack trays and so do I! The parent tray is very nice with 2 cupholders & a small compartment that latches shut for my cell phone & keys (or whatever you want to use it for). There is quite a bit of space in the basket area underneath the kids to fit all their extra stuff too!

My only complaints are that the basket underneath, though big, is sometimes hard to get bigger stuff into & out of because of the foot rest for the back seat (like the kids lifejackets when I walk to the beach-other stuff isn’t a problem), and that my instruction book did not tell me how to remove the back seat to convert it into a jump seat. It did say how to use the jump seat & a little bit about how to put the back seat back on so I figured it out easy enough.

Remember if you buy this that is a DOUBLE stroller, so it is BIG & kind of heavy compared to the single ones (ALL DOUBLE STROLLERS ARE!). I saw some reviews complaining about the size/weight of the various double sit n stand strollers…HELLO, they’re ALL like that…if you want a lightweight small one, you will sacrifice the luxury of the space & comfort of this one!

So if you want a sturdy, spacious, comfortable, and easy to use stroller, but don’t mind it being kind of large, this is the one for you!!


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