Double Strollers are essential items which can transport your children with minimal walking effort. These double strollers offer accommodation for up to two children which makes it easier for parents with multiple kids.

There are two main types of double strollers on the market, a traditional side-by-side stroller or a tandem stroller:

  • A side-by-side stroller features two seats which are next to each other. Although it can be difficult to navigate through doorways with a double stroller, it provides more space for your children and also more space for storage.
  • A tandem double stroller features seats which are behind one another. This increases your manoeuvrability which can prove to be more convenient than a traditional side-by-side in some cases.

Now you know the basic types of double strollers, which stroller should you get? We have put together a list of the 10 best double strollers available on the market.

1. Maclaren Twin Techno Double Stroller

Coming in at $399, this side-by-side double stroller only weighs 13 pounds and is considered to be much lighter than most single strollers. This lightweight double stroller offers highly adjustable reclining seats and extendable leg rests.  Along with the adjustable features, there are also waterproof canopies and washable seats which provide wind resistance and water resistance to protect your children from the elements.

The Maclaren Twin Techno also features high quality safety standards and comes with a protective system for new-borns. There is a head and foot barrier which wraps around the seat to provide a protective barrier to ensure that your children stay safe during transport.

2. Joovy Scooter X2

This side-by-side double stroller offers an array of features for a relatively low price at $280. This is one of the best value mid-range double strollers on the market.  Unlike a lot of other double strollers, the Joovy Scooter X2 has a narrow width and large sealed bearing wheels, which makes it more manoeuvrable. This narrow width means that you are able to fit through most small spaces.

If you need to carry around a lot of items, then this pushchair can provide very large storage spaces, pockets and holders for all of your essential items. There are even zipped pockets to keep your valuables safe. One of the best features of this stroller is its simple ‘One-handed Fold’ mechanism. This provides more convenience than your traditional folding mechanisms which require more effort.

3. Baby Jogger Summit X3 Double Stroller

If you are a physically active parent, then the Baby Jogger Summit X3 is the double stroller for you. This jogging stroller offers a wide variety of useful and practical features to help you take care of your children whilst running. With its high quality suspension and pneumatic tyres, this stroller offers excellent performance and manoeuvrability for all types of terrain. This ensures that your children are safe and comfy whilst you complete your fitness goals.

The Jogger Summit X3 comes with a variety of useful features for the price of $649. The quick fold mechanism allows you to fold the stroller all in one step. There are also padded seats which can recline to a near-flat position to maximise comfort for your children.  The canopies are large and highly adjustable with side ventilation.

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