Double Travel Systems offer great convenience for parents who need to drive often. With a double baby travel system stroller, you can take your children with you wherever you go, which means you can spend more time together.

Whether you are looking for a cheap travel system or an advanced travel system, you’ll want to buy a reliable stroller which will last you a long time.  We have come up with the best double baby travel systems which offer great functionality and features for a variety of fair prices.

What is a Double Baby Travel System?

A double baby travel system is a pushchair which features detachable seats. These detachable seats can be adapted for safe and secure use in cars. Travel systems are designed to be easily attached and detached to provide convenience when moving your children from the stroller to the car. Although travel systems can be bigger than your regular traditional pushchairs, it provides a fast and easy way to transport your children into the car without taking them out of the seat.

1. Baby Jogger City Select

The Baby Jogger City Select is one of the most versatile baby strollers as it features 16 configurations to suit each and every parent. This stroller can be used as a travel system, single stroller double stroller or even a triple stroller depending on how you configure this pushchair.

This double stroller is reasonably priced at $529 and provides an extensive range of great features which are well worth the value. The Baby Jogger City Select has a simple fold and lock mechanism which means that all you have to do is lift the sides and then the stroller will fold itself. The seats are built with comfort in mind and they can also be reclined into a variety of positions. There is also an adjustable canopy with magnetic closures for ease of use. The handlebar is height adjustable and features a hand operated brake system.

2. Phil and Ted Vibe Inline Double

The Phil and Ted Vibe Inline Double is a very capable travel system which can be used as a single stroller, double stroller or a car seat. This is an In-line style stroller which means that the seats are in front of each other, which increases your manoeuvrability. Due to its style, it is able to fold up very compactly. One of the best features about the Vibe Inline is that it allows you to customise your stroller with 23 riding options to suit your needs.

You can expect to get great quality and excellent features when a travel system is priced at $700. This stroller features a ‘one-touch’ handle brake, which means that using the brakes only require you to tap a button on the handlebar. There is also an extensive range of useful stroller accessories to improve the convenience.

3. Britax B-Agile Double

The B-Agile Double from Britax is a very compact travel system which provides reclining seats and seat carrier options. This double travel system is highly manoeuvrable due to its lightweight and lockable swivel front wheels. In fact, it is so manoeuvrable, that you can steer this double stroller with just one hand. Its compact size allows it to fit through standard doorways and other small areas.

This double travel system is competitively priced at $380 which offers great value for money. There are also plenty of amazing features which are included with this stroller. There is a one-handed fold mechanism which leaves the stroller freestanding once folded. There are also adjustable canopies and detachable showerproof hoods which offer UPF 50+ sun protection.

4. BabyStyle Oyster Max Double

The Oyster Max from BabyStyle is very popular choice as it can function as a single stroller and as a double tandem stroller when you add an extra tandem seat. The seat positioning is reversible, meaning that they can face forward or towards the parent.  The chassis is very narrow and lightweight which offers great control and movement of the stroller.

With a price of $600 for the full stroller, it offers great functionality for the price. The double travel stroller is very adaptable to all needs and the seats are very spacious, which emphasises the comfort for your children. The storage space is very spacious which can be highly beneficial for those who carry a lot of essentials around.

5. Mountain Buggy Duet

Duet from Mountain Buggy is a very compact, lightweight and stylish double stroller which is no wider than a regular single stroller. Being so narrow, it provides great manoeuvrability and control which makes pushing the stroller easier and more convenient. This double stroller also features a simple and easy folding mechanism. With this feature, you can easily fold the stroller with just one hand. There are 10 inch air filled tyres which act as great shock absorbers to provide comfort for your children.

The Duet is priced at $830 which offers plenty of great features and accessories as an all-terrain travel system. The travel system seat offers great protection and comfort for your children as they feature high side protection and EPS foam for cushioning. The seating is also very lightweight and has been designed to be comfortable to carry.


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