A double stroller is built to accommodate up to two children and provides great infant management to help parents with multiple children. This means that is can be a bit more difficult to operate than a traditional single stroller because of its size and heavier weight. However, modern double strollers are built with lightweight frames which can often make double strollers weigh the same as a single stroller.

A stroller can be an expensive purchase depending on your budget and choosing the right double stroller for your children can be very difficult. There’s a huge diversity of double strollers on the market which gives you a lot of options to choose from.

Here are 5 things to look out for when buying a pushchair:

1. Relevant and Useful Features

Before you explore the double stroller market, you should identify the main features that you require from a pushchair. For example, if you need to carry a lot of essentials around, then you would want to keep an eye out for double strollers with plenty of storage space and extra pockets. Knowing what you want before you look can greatly speed up the purchasing process.

Once you have identified your needs, you can start looking at your different choices. It’s best to be picky at this stage as you would want the best double stroller and features for your children.

With the large amount of pushchairs on the market, you should also consider your budget when looking for a suitable stroller with relevant features. This can save a lot of time as you can just explore the double strollers which are in your budget range.

2. Fair return policy

Whether you are buying a double stroller online or from a physical store, you should always check their return policies. In the case of a fault, or dissatisfaction, you will want to return the product to the manufacturer. Make sure you check if there are warranties for your double stroller, as you would want to be covered if anything were to happen to your pushchair.

Most companies offer a 30 day return period after your purchase. If you have ordered your product from online, then remember to check if you need to pay for the shipping when sending back the product.

3. High Manoeuvrability

Whenever possible, you should test out the pushchairs to see how much they weigh and if they can be easily controlled. Double strollers tend to be heavier than regular single strollers, which is why it’s important to consider the weight and build of the pushchairs.

When you test out the strollers, make sure you take note of how much they weigh. This can be very important if you are pushing the double stroller up an incline with your children seated. Lighter double strollers mean easier control and less effort.

There are two types of double strollers; side-by-side and tandem. Tandem strollers offer greater maneuverability than side-by-side because the seats are positioned behind each other. This streamlines the double stroller which means it can fit through doorways and small areas with ease.

4. Comfort for your Children

Most pushchairs allow the seats to be adjusted and reclined to provide maximum comfort for your baby. When you are looking for a suitable double stroller, make sure you check if the pushchair is highly adjustable to fit your growing children’s needs. The seats, leg rests and canopies should be adjustable to provide a very comfortable experience.

The tyres of the pushchair are also an important factor as they can act as suspension and a shock absorber. Having air-filled tyres can improve the comfort whilst traveling on uneven or bumpy terrain.

5. Safety and Security

Safety should be a top priority when looking for a double stroller for your children. Most modern strollers are built with great safety features which can protect your children from a variety of risks. You should look out for strollers which feature a 5-point safety strap as these are very safe and keeps your children from falling or climbing out.

There are also strollers which use very advanced features such as an ‘Auto Stop’. This automatically uses the brakes whenever your hands are away from the handle bar which prevents the stroller from rolling away.

Many double strollers which are built with lightweight materials to reduce the overall weight of the pushchair. These materials are also very sturdy and tough to ensure that the stroller frame can protect your children.

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